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I have partnered with Fontana INgrooves to distribute music worldwide.  I am able to handle your Physical and Digital needs. 


Outside of Distribution, here are some label services I can offer.  Contact me for details.


  • Before you complete the recording, or even begin, allow me to help oversee the team, budgets and songs to make sure that it is best possible once it's ready to release

  • Fully developed marketing campaign 

  • Label & Agency pitching

  • Analysis of Soundscan and Mediabase reports

  • Venue sales tracking and management

  • Tour Marketing and Special Events

  • Advertising Management

  • PR Management

  • Merch Stores

  • Online Marketing

  • New Media opportunities

  • Investor Pitches and presentations for funding

  • Create Business plan

  • Online PR

  • Publishing "Clean up" & filing.  Making sure you get all money owed to you from every source

  • Over seeing radio campaigns

  • Play MPE blasts

  • Film & TV Syncs

  • Radio Song Testing and Research

  • DJ & Club Record pools servicing & distribution

  • College Radio promotions

  • Fight piracy and remove illegal streams

  • Royality Accounting Set up

  • Complete analytics of all your social sites and efforts

  • Spear head crowd funding efforts

  • Email collections and marketing

  • Social media growth

  • Lyric Videos

  • Graphic Design

  • Publishing Admin (15%)

  • Online Apps

  • Artist Development 

  • Help prepare Showcase and stage performance

  • Church Marketing

  • Online contests and fan interactions

  • Music Producers and Songwriters to better your music

  • Mixers & Engineers

  • Video marketing and distribution  



I have  2 simple questions


 1. what is your budget?

 2. The most important one, How serious and far are you wanting to take your career and at what speed?

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